“Thank you for publishing Gude’s “A Complete Chess Course” – as a beginner I have found it very helpful. My fellow teachers at my elementary-middle school have been trying to get a real curriculum for our chess program, and in Gude’s book I think we’ve found it” – Ben George, HOUSTON, TEXAS

This book is a comprehensive manual for those new to chess, which explains with great clarity the basics of the game. Using innovative methods, Gude ensures that readers quickly grasp each key concept before building on it by introducing new ideas.

This is an interactive course. With a total of 280 questions and exercises to tackle, the reader will quickly gain skills rather than mere knowledge. Gude strips the mystery away from tactics and combinations by looking first at the strengths and weaknesses of each piece in isolation, and then showing how they work together with each of the other pieces. He also presents guidelines on chess strategy that will help shape the reader’s understanding of chess, and a wide variety of patterns for the reader’s all-important ‘mental database’.

The section on openings explains the main aims of each major opening, and the style of game to which they tend of lead, together with some key variations. Later chapters provide examples of how to launch attacks, putting together the skills from earlier chapters, and deal with issues such as chess training, psychology and competitive chess at club and tournament level.

Antonio Gude is an extremely experienced chess writer and teacher from Spain. Several of his books on tactics and for beginners are long-standing best-sellers in Spanish language. Gude has also translated a great many books, including some of the classics of chess literature.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

“A one-volume introduction to chess. The book is divided into two parts. The first covers the basic aspects of chess in six chapters, followed by more advanced material such as combinations and tactical themes, attacking play, a suggested opening repertoire and tips to be a successful competitor. The last four chapters are special because the reader is introduced to advanced concepts with very clear explanations and examples” – Miguel Ararat, www.gainesvillechesstraining.com