This chess puzzle super-challenge contains 100 fun positions to solve, ranging from encouragingly easy to mind-numbingly hard. Using an innovative format, every puzzle is preceded by an instructive example, illustrating an important pattern.

Each puzzle has been graded to suit a wide range of chess abilities. Beginners or younger readers will enjoy reading the basic warm-up exercises. The more experienced can wrestle with some classic puzzles, whilst at the same time learning of typical themes and killer concepts.

The final challenging chapters – Mission Impossible – are guaranteed to torment and inspire the most talented of future champions!

Chess is recognized in many countries as a useful tool for developing creative thinking in children. Chess Puzzles for Kids will quickly enable children to enjoy using their new-found skills to outwit friends and relatives.

Murray Chandler gained the chess grandmaster title by winning events in New York and Amsterdam. During 28 years as a professional player he has taken part in over 150 international tournaments, in 32 different countries. His previous books for young players – Chess for Children (with Helen Milligan), How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids – are widely used in schools and by junior coaches.

“Ideal for club/group discussion... enjoyable” – British Chess Magazine

“As instructive as it is enjoyable... the many examples and exercises will sharpen the skills of players of any age” – Grandmaster Michael Adams, DAILY TELEGRAPH

“This is a very good book in my opinion. I’ve solved many puzzles both in books and articles and I must say this one is really great! Not just because it fulfills its aim to encourage kids to learn tactics and improve their vision but also the way it’s presented and built. Rating: 5/5, Highly recommended” – Lukas Wedrychowski, DAILYCHESSTV

“The final chapters are really challenging – something like Mission Impossible – but they are somehow the bridge the reader has to pass over to become ... a brilliant champion” –

“I’m not in the target audience, but for me at least, this seems like a super book. 100 beautiful themes are first presented with some nice examples before the book ends with 60 tasks. This is a step beyond the basics. ... All examples are from games from the past couple of years, which is also a good sign. This is quality.” – GM Simen Agdestein, Verdens Gang

“Chandler guarantees that ‘the cumulative effect of knowing a few hundred such patterns will make you a very dangerous opponent,’ which is something the reader will learn once they begin implementing these themes in their own games. Chess Puzzles for Kids will surely help a student improve their pattern recognition and overall tactical acumen, while also making a nice holiday gift!” – Michael McGuerty,

“A nice follow-up from Chandler to his two existing volumes on tactics: How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids. Going through these positions will help you to develop a feeling for tactical patterns, and this will help you in the end to become a much better chess player” – John Elburg,

“This book is a continuation of Gambit’s best selling series of instructional books aimed at junior players. The previous volumes are Chess for Children, How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids, all of which were covered in my first review column, back in 2005. There are lots of books for juniors on the market. So, what does this one bring to the table? The 100 positions are arranged by theme, such as Attack on the Castled King and Back-Rank Combinations. Each numbered lesson is presented on a single page. The clarity of the presentation makes the book very easy to navigate and makes it an excellent volume for chess coaches to use with their students. Despite the title, I think this book has a potentially wider audience than just youngsters... Club players may find some of the positions of use too, as quick warm up exercises just before a game. It’s a very enjoyable book, enhanced by quirky illustrations by Cindy McCluskey (look out for ‘Arabian Mate’ and ‘The Rook Lift’) and bound in a sturdy hardback cover.” – Sean Marsh,

“Grandmaster Murray Chandler writes excellent books for kids who already know how to play. I like his latest expands on his two previous books How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids. In all these works Chandler presents the mating and tactical patterns in such a clear and entertaining way that it is a joy to read it. And as I said before, it is not only for kids.” – Grandmaster Lubosh Kavalek, Huffington Post

“Teachers, mums and dads, children who are beginners, and beginners who don’t want to stay beginners, should stop and browse here. Most of the games are recent and at the back, as if you haven’t suffered enough, are thirty test positions... an excellent Christmas present.” – James Pratt, British Chess Magazine

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.