The Benko Gambit has enormous appeal to those who like to take the initiative with the black pieces. Black boldly sacrifices a pawn in the opening, and in return gets a secure position, and attractive prospects both in the short term and in the long term. This book provides complete and even-handed coverage of this popular gambit, using the unique GAMBIT 'Quick Summaries' system, introducing the main themes and where appropriate suggesting a coherent repertoire of reliable lines. Other Gambit titles: Test Your Chess, The Botvinnik Semi-Slav, The Meran System, The Main Line French: 3 Nc3, The French: Tarrasch Variation, The Gambit Guide to the Bogo-Indian.

"The best book to date on the opening" – Glenn Budzinski, CHESS CAFE WEB SITE

"Especially useful for the average club player... readable and intelligible" - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT


"This book instantly becomes the best source for Benko analysis... if you play the Benko or play against it, you will want this book" - John Watson, INSIDE CHESS

"Another fine opening book... on the cutting edge of 'club player' opening manuals - Monroe Morrison, OPEN FILE

"This book is for the aggressive player who gambits as Black" - Bernard Hanison, CHESS POST

"Highly recommended" - AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

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