Graham Burgess

The Torre Attack is a very attractive system for White as it allows him/her to set the agenda from the outset, preventing many counterattacking systems. It has quick-strike potential if Black is careless or unfamiliar with the subtleties.

"A couple of books dealing with the Torre came out early in the nineties, but this superb work by Burgess surpasses them. The Torre is a very flexible set-up and gives White good chances of having a pleasant initiative after 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 e6 with 3 Bg5. The Torre will repay careful study and provide interesting chess. The strategic introduction whets the reader's appetite right from the word go as Burgess shows, via 12 illustrative games, just how dangerous the Torre is, and readers will realise that by taking up the opening they will have excellent chances of a quick and decisive attack" - Richard Palliser, HULL CHESS CLUB MAGAZINE.

"Gambit's latest work serves to enhance the superb reputation of this new chess publisher...Graham Burgess' 'Guide to the Torre Attack' gives readers a complete repertoire against 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 e6, whilst lazy readers can also play the Torre-hybrids against other second moves such as 2...g6. "By avoiding 2 c4 you side-step a lot of established theory... could prove a useful and flexible system" - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

"This excellent book should be in the hands of all students... very well produced" - George Koltanowski, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Gambit opening books are now becoming a standard for the rest to follow... the themes and ideas are clearly explained in a very long 'Strategic Introduction' - Munroe Morrison, OPEN FILE

" very clear guidance on how to play the Torre" - Grandmaster Alexander Baburin, CHESS CAFE WEB SITE

"...numerous critical themes are examined to give White a clear view of how he should proceed" - Gary Lane, CHESS MOVES

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

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