The electronic editions (Kindle and App) were updated by Sverre Johnsen in 2010 with new recommendations and analysis researched from many sources.

The London System is a perennial favourite of club players, as it is a very sound and solid system with a real practical sting. The authors of this new book seek to maximize this sting in two principal ways. Firstly, by explaining in detail the typical plans for White, they help readers to make the most of their chances, whether they are based on a kingside attack, queenside penetration, central play, or transition to a favourable endgame. Secondly, they advocate some subtle move-orders that limit Black's options, and give White possibilities to change the nature of the game and go straight for the kill if Black responds casually or inappropriately. These move-orders have been tested successfully by co-author Kovačević at grandmaster level, and much of the analysis presented here is of totally new variations, and is previously unpublished. Covers all responses to 1 d4 against which White can use the London System.

Sverre Johnsen is a FIDE-rated player from Norway. He is an enthusiastic chess analyst, researcher and writer. Vlatko Kovačević is a grandmaster from Croatia, and arguably the world's leading authority on the London System. However, he is probably best known for a convincing victory against Bobby Fischer in 1970. He has represented Croatia, and previously Yugoslavia, in many international team events.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

Watch a YouTube video in which GM John Nunn presents a sample from this book.

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"I have seldom read such a commendable openings book as this one, which is why it is an absolute must buy!" - Martin Rieger,

"Though the streets of London may not be paved with gold, eagle-eyed chessplayers will notice that the London System, 1 d4 d5 2 Bf4 (or first Nf3), does actually provide golden opportunities to steer the game into territory that has not yet been heavily analysed in many books. Scotland's super-GM Jonathan Rowson is well-aware of that fact, and so he has employed the London System very effectively on several occasions to notch up some important victories, such as the ones against English IM Stewart Haslinger in a key game en-route to winning the 2004 British Championship, and against super-GM Josif Dorfman in the 2005 French League. Arguably the world's most experienced leading exponent of the London System is Croatia's GM Vlatko Kovačević, and so it is pleasing and fitting that he decided to write Win with the London System, co-authored by Norway's FM Sverre Johnsen and published by Gambit. That was two years ago, but the book will still be a valuable asset to anyone desiring greater knowledge and understanding of Kovačević's top point-scoring weapon." - GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman

"What is it about their presentation of a set-up with pawns on d4, e3 and (usually) c3; Bishop on f4; and Knight (usually) on f3 that inspires confidence in the London and makes the reader feel like a real winner? Simply this: it is a well-researched, well-thought-out, well-organized and well-written book on an opening that has generally been popular for requiring less opening study than many others. (Winning way #1 - know more about what you're playing than your opponent, especially if he still thinks there's less to know than there actually is.)" - Rick Kennedy,

"A very important reference work on the London system!" - John Elburg, Chess Mail

"...this is an excellent book which threatens to equip White players with a deep knowledge of the subtleties of their favourite opening." - Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine

"The chess in this book is largely the work of the Croatian grandmaster Vlatko Kovačević whilst the general structure of the book, including the prose, diagrams and numerous editing tasks were the work of Norwegian Sverre Johnsen, a FIDE-rated player. Together they have written an inspiring repertoire book of high quality." - Phil Hughes, Chess Post

"This is a first-class book, extremely well written, about a system that for too long has had its light hidden under a bushel." - Michael Stevenson, New Zealand Chess

"A useful system for White that has added value as anti-computer style of playing. This book provides an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the opening's greatest exponents whilst Johnsen has increased the value of this book by adding very clear and interesting text to many of the lines. Careful study of this book should reward the player whilst even casual reading will provide many interesting ideas for your next game." - Michael Blake, IECG