Steve Giddins is an author acclaimed for his ability to write in down-to-earth style on fundamental chess topics. In this book he answers the questions that really matter to chess-players. His topics include many basic ideas, including some that have rarely been addressed so directly in chess literature, and thus are often misunderstood by club players. Where appropriate, the answers also address highly sophisticated concepts, providing insights gleaned from many years of experience and discussions with players and trainers of the highest level.

Subjects include: * Playing Chess in General * The Opening * Tactics and Combinations * Planning and Strategy * Positional Play * The Endgame * Competitive Play * Training and Computers *

Throughout, the ideas are backed up with examples from practical play and thought-provoking quotes from the great chess legends, thinkers and writers.

Steve Giddins is a FIDE Master from England who has frequently contributed to the British Chess Magazine and the ChessBase website. He has gained a reputation as a writer who provides useful, no-nonsense advice on topics of genuine practical importance, drawing especially upon his familiarity with Russian chess literature and training methods. This is his sixth book for Gambit.

Gambit books by Steve Giddins: 101 Chess Opening Traps, 101 Chess Endgame Tips, How to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire, 50 Essential Chess Lessons, 50 Ways to Win at Chess, 101 Chess Questions Answered.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

"... includes sections on computers and use of the internet, as well as discussing chess history, current times and the future. Giddins presents his material clearly and the diagrammed examples are enlightening... useful for those who know the basics, and also for coaches and teachers" - Henry Tanner, Suomen Shakki

"The book is well-written, and the author's informative style suits his material very nicely. He immediately introduces the reader right into the heart of the chess world by telling them where to play online, best websites, and other very useful information that other books tend not to tell you. Throughout the book, Giddins gives a strong recommendation to concentrate study on tactics - very sound advice for those new to the game." - Andrew Green, Scottish Chess

"Very successful, entertaining, informative, and a pleasure to read!" - Martin Rieger,

" excellent read for beginners and elementary players." - John Saunders, British Chess Magazine

"This is another clever publication by Britain's Gambit Books, which knows its audience extremely well. Anyone who ventures into a chess club quickly hears talk about minority attacks, backward pawns, opposite coloured bishops and other mysterious notions. For those who are too shy to ask, this book provides all the answers." - Cecil Rosner, Winnipeg Free Press

"...a fascinating collection of readable topics" - John Elburg,

"...a very useful book for beginners to have at their disposal." - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"This book is absolutely ideal for players new to club and tournament chess who would like to plug a plethora of gaps in their knowledge with the minimum of time and fuss. Players with greater experience should also enjoy browsing the contents, especially as some of the illustrative games will almost certainly be new to them." - Sean Marsh, Marsh Towers