The only thing more humiliating than losing a game quickly is to lose a game quickly to a known opening trap. On the other hand, the easy point scored by the trapper is a great confidence booster, and allows the winner a good rest before the next game in a competition.

This book shows that no-one should feel safe from an opponent armed to the teeth with cunning traps. Steve Giddins (who lived in Russia for a time) has collected his material from a wide variety of sources, some not normally available in the West.

Gambit books by Steve Giddins: 101 Chess Opening Traps, 101 Chess Endgame Tips, How to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire, 50 Essential Chess Lessons, 50 Ways to Win at Chess, 101 Chess Questions Answered.

"...features traps that club players are likely to fall for" - Patrick Foley, BUSINESS DAY

"To my delight and amazement [my opponent] fell straight into the trap..." - Alec Toll, OPEN FILE

"Easily the best traps book I have seen" - Bob Long, THE CHESS GAZETTE

"An excellent training manual, with the emphasis on tactical play. Smash your opponent in the first few moves..." Bernard Hannison, CHESS POST

"The tricks included here are of the kind that you could well get the chance to spring in practical play." - CHESS

"His collection of old and new traps is based on solid, good and useful moves" - Lubosh Kavalek, WASHINGTON POST

"covers pitfalls in all major openings, linked together by a stimulating narrative" - Peter Gibbs, BIRMINGHAM POST

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.